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2010 Submissions

Hollycaust Punk Song
Targets Pop Song
Helplessness Ambient Song

2009 Submissions

E. V. Thru Histrionics Grunge Song
Warren Trade Classic Rock Song
King of the Yids Miscellaneous Song
Bar Talk Hip Hop - Modern Song
Kakkatta! Miscellaneous Song
Clayface Hip Hop - Modern Song
Rockshaw! General Rock Song
Slum Tourist Country Song
The Majuh Hip Hop - Modern Song
Population Surge Hip Hop - Modern Song
Zorro's Mane of Pubic Hair Classical Song
Colin Cancer Classical Song
Dromanisqatsi VIII General Rock Song
Dromanisqatsi VII Classic Rock Song
G.I. Show Miscellaneous Song
Waltz Disney Classical Song
Dromanisqatsi VI Heavy Metal Song
Dromanisqatsi V R&B Song
Dromanisqatsi IV Classical Song
Dromanisqatsi III Classical Song
Dromanisqatsi II Video Game Song
Dromanisqatsi I Classical Song
Earthbound Idiot Blues Song
Rock Zombie Punk Song
Baroque Obama Classical Song
Two Girls General Rock Song
Mother Bacteria Punk Song
The Nazca Shuffle General Rock Song
Booze Is God's Gift (World) General Rock Song
The Man At The End of The Hall General Rock Song
CC: Run! Video Game Song
CC: The Sand Men Video Game Song
Luminescent Beast Classical Song
Jajayume! Classical Song
Crowley's Uniform Classical Song
CC: Dance of Death Video Game Song
CC: Whirlygig Video Game Song
CC: Storming the Gate Video Game Song